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Pizza Napoletana Il Forno d'Oro

An established restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide

Opened in 2010 with a mission to become the best pizzeria in Japan, Pizza Napoletana Il Forno d’Oro is a nationally recognized restaurant and has been introduced by television shows and magazine publications. Their pizza dough blends a variety of ingredients to create an original mixture, such as Yukishio salt and natural yeast brought from Miyako Island in Okinawa, along with locally produced millstone flour. The result is a firm yet crispy pizza bread that leaves a rich aroma in one’s mouth. The pizza is topped with plenty of fresh mozzarella cheese made by the restaurant’s factory, and baked in an originally developed oven using firewood along with other dishes. The restaurant’s food menu is also full of local vegetables and meat produced in Kikuchi city. Although already quite famous, the owner still devotes his time to perfect his dishes every day.

151-1 Dairinji, Kikuchi-shi, Kumamoto
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