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Hyakka Hyakusai

Festival of lights in Yamaga, which was once a major producer of traditional Japanese umbrellas

The festival takes place in downtown Yamaga in every winter, one of the Festivals of Lights in Kyushu in Winter, a campaign carried out by six prefectures of Kyushu. During the festival, the city streets are lit up with some 500 traditional Japanese umbrellas and thousands of bamboo lanterns to turn them into a fantastic world totally different from what they are during the day. The festival is organized by local residents, the tourism association, university students, staff of prefectural and municipal offices, and various other people working together. The soft lights seem to represent their quiet but firm desire to enliven the community. Visitors bringing a long grill lighter can participate as "lighting volunteers" who alight the candles in the bamboo lamps. On the days of the festival, traditional arts of Yamaga Drum and Yamaga Lantern Dance are both performed in the Yachiyoza Theater (admission to be paid).

Along Buzen Kaido Road, Yachiyoza Theater, Sakura-yu, etc., Yamaga City
Business hours
Lighting time:19:00〜22:00
Regular holiday
Usually held on Friday and Saturday in February
how to pick up & where to meet the quests
9090 minutes by bus from JR Kumamoto Station (bus stop "Sakuramachi Bus Center" → get off at "Yamayo Onsen (Yachiyoza Entrance)")
Phone name
Yamaga Lantern Roman / Hyakka Hyakusai Executive Committee