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Yame Fukushima Merchant Town Hotel Nipponia

Savor Yame’s tea culture with your five senses

At the heart of Yame city is Yame Fukushima, Japan's preservation district for historic buildings. Here you will find a charming view of an ancient town with traditional craft shops, Yame’s famous tea shops, and warehouses. Visitors will also discover Nipponia, a small, two-floored hotel with seven rooms scattered across the streets to turn the entire town into one big hotel.
In Japan, tea culture is deeply rooted in society, changing style through time yet always present and necessary in everyday life. Yame, where refined tea leaves are produced, offers an authentic experience of this tea culture. Come and enjoy Yame tea at Nipponia, where new and life enriching discoveries await you from morning till night – a welcome tea and sweets, an original dinner course using Yame tea along with tea pairing, tea bath in the guest room, ochazuke (rice with tea broth) for breakfast, just to name a few.

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