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Aso Shrine

A dignified shrine of ancient Higo province with over 2,000 years of history

Aso Shrine prides itself on its long history. With more than 20 centuries of worship, the shrine hosts 12 family gods of Takeii Watatsu no Mikoto, a descendant of Emperor Jimmu and the pioneer who opened up the land of Aso. In ancient times, the crater of Mount Aso became the object of worship and gathered much respect, making Aso Shrine most worshipped in the area then known as Higo province. It now serves as the headquarter for approximately 500 shrines named Aso throughout Japan. The current shrine was rebuilt by the Kumamoto clan through 1835-1850. Six of the buildings including the shrine and tower gate are registered as Important Cultural Properties. Unfortunately, the tower gate and the hall of worship among other locations were greatly damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, and is now being restored.

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