Authentic Japan,
True Kyushu

Recreate yourself in the blessed island of nature

The gorgeous natural landscapes of Japan remain untouched in Kyushu,
the country’s third-largest island in the south of Japan.
In Kyushu, you will find freshwater that gushes forth from its active volcanoes and mountains,
ingredients served up by the blessings of the earth, and the people of undeveloped countryside areas
who live a calm and peaceful way of life.
Why not experience a relaxing trip in Kyushu?
At this present time where we cannot travel freely,
let’s take this opportunity to enjoy a trip to experience authentic Japan online.

vol. 01
Fruits Kingdom Terroir Ukiha - Fukuoka

Ukiha is a rural region where countryside and wheat fields spread out over the gentle Mino mountain range at an altitude of 600 meters.
vol. 02
Mother Nature Aso - Kumamoto

vol. 03
Home to Quality Green Tea Yame - Fukuoka

vol. 04
The Ancient Capital Where Modern and Tradition Meet Dazaifu - Fukuoka

vol. 05
The Lineage of Artistic Creativity Yamaga - Kumamoto

vol. 06
Countryside with Clear Water Asakura - Fukuoka